The Vesta Tilley Society

About the Society

The Vesta Tilley Society is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to furthering the memory of Vesta Tilley and raising her profile, both locally and nationally.


Despite Vesta Tilley’s great success and the incredible contributions she made during her lifetime, she is not widely remembered today.  The Vesta Tilley Society has already undertaken projects that help celebrate one of our greatest entertainers including two exhibitions, a one woman show to celebrate Vetsa’s life.  Society members have also given a number of talks to celebrate Vesta and raise awareness of our work.


Worcestershire County Council has also acquired a paper archive of Vesta Tilley’s own documents as well as original stage costume.  We have helped fund a PhD research project that will help unlock the treasures held within this fabulous resource and share them with the public.


Last but not least, 2014 marks not only Vesta’s 150th birthday, but also the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.  It was during this dark period that Vesta worked tirelessly for her county.   We aim to ensure that in 2014 we celebrate her life and as we progress through to 2018 we use Vesta’s story to illustrate yet another aspect of the Great War.

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Tux vesta claire

Claire Worboys as Vesta Tilley.  Swan Theatre 2011